Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is able to participate in this event?

Any individual with an intellectual disability, who is 13 – 21 years old on the day of the competition and is currently attending Secondary School in Ontario.


My student is only 12 years old right now but will be 13 by the time the event takes place, is this ok?

Yes, students-athletes must be aged 13 – 21 on the day of the event in order to participate


My student-athlete is 21 years old right now but will be 22 by the time the event takes place, is this ok?

No, student-athletes must be aged 13 – 21 on the day of the event in order to participate.


I’m not sure if my student has an intellectual disability?

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My student-athlete has a physical disability, are they eligible for this event?

Yes, as long as he/her also has an intellectual disability. This includes students that use a wheelchair. All event facilities are wheelchair accessible.


My student-athletes have never played in a soccer/basketball tournament before, can they still participate?

Yes, beginners are encouraged to sign up and compete


I have no coaching experience. Can I still bring a team?

Yes, first time coaches are encouraged to sign up.


Can the teams be mixed gender?



How many players make up a team?

For the 3 on 3 basketball events your team should consist of 4 – 6 players to account for substitutions.

For the 5 on 5 Soccer events your team should consist of 7 – 9 players to account for substitutions


Can I register more than one team?

Yes, each school may bring up to 5 teams.


Can I coach more than one team?

No, when registering, you must list at least one educator/coach per team.


How many teams from my event will advance to the 4 Corners Championship?

Depending on the number of teams entered at your qualifying event, anywhere from 1 – 3 teams will advance to our 4 corners championship. This event will take place in Toronto in May. Qualifying teams will be notified of their inclusion at the completion of all 4 Corners Qualifying events (April).




Does Special Olympics cover bus costs?

No, schools are required to arrange and pay for their own bus. We can put you in touch with other participating schools if you want to explore the possibility of sharing a bus.


What are the sport rules for the event?

2 weeks in advance of the event you will receive a package containing the competition rules, format and etc.


Will my students be paired with evenly matched competition?

2 weeks in advance of the event you will receive a Basketball/Soccer Skills Assessment Test (BSAT/SSAT).  After you complete the tests/drills with your team and return the scores to us, we will division the athletes based on ability levels.


What time do we arrive/depart the event?

This information will be included in the update that is emailed out to participants two weeks before the event.


Who do I make the cheque for the registration fees out to?

Please make cheques payable to Special Olympics Ontario





Are jerseys/uniforms required?

While numbered jerseys are not required, team members are encouraged to wear matching school colours at the event.


What size of soccer/basketball will be used in the event?

Size 5 soccer balls are used, and a size 6 basketball is used.


What type of footwear is required for the Basketball events?

“Gym” shoes are required for basketball events. Students will not be allowed on the court in “marking” shoes.


What type of footwear is required for the Soccer events?

“Gym” shoes or Indoor Soccer shoes are appropriate. Spikes are not allowed for Soccer events.

Shin pads are recommended but not required for Soccer events.