Welcome to the 2016/2017 School Championships Season!

Registration is now OPEN for all 60 provincial qualifying events

Before proceeding to the online registration forms, 
please carefully read the notes below as some rules have changed since last season.

Online Registration
  • not all dates and locations have been confirmed for the season. Should you wish to hold your team(s) place for a qualifier, please complete the online form. Once all details have been confirmed you will receive a note with complete information at which point you may cancel your team(s) or indicate that you are still planning to attend. 
  • Should you wish you enter multiple teams into an event, you must fill out one form for each team
General Reminders:
  • Registration fees will remain at $5 per student. This amount can be paid by cheque or cash either prior to, or on the day of the event. All payment information will be included in your confirmation email sent after registration has been received. 
  • Online registration for virtual track and field is now open. Rules and submission information can be found on the next page. Please remember: virtual track is open only to schools without a physical track meet in their local area. 
  • Due to program growth and demand, each school may only bring 3 teams to each qualifier for a team sport. If you are interested in bringing more than 3 teams, please email us at to indicate your interest. If there is room in the tournament once registration is closed, we will allow schools to bring extra teams on a first come first served basis. 
Team Ranking:
  • You will be asked to rank each of your teams during the online registration process. This is required so that we can division teams prior to each tournament to attempt to make games as even as possible. Ranking does not inhibit your team's chance of qualifying for provincials as teams are qualified based on their overall record throughout the day. Should you wish to enter multiple teams, we suggest grouping your students together based on their ability level to have one high team, one medium, etc. 
  • Ranking is done on a 1-10 basis with 1 being low and 10 being high. 
  • A team ranked 1 out of 10 generally has very limited knowledge of the sport and/or rules, may need assistance on the playing area (this is allowed), and may have low mobility.
  • A team ranked 5 out of 10 generally will have a basic understanding of the game and rules but not strategy behind certain plays (ie running a pick in basketball), may need some verbal reminders from a coach from the sidelines and may be more comfortable in an individual play strategy instead of a team strategy.
  • A team ranked 9 or 10 out of 10 will generally have a strong knowledge of the sport and it's rules, work as a team with very limited assistance from a coach, and be mostly consisted of students with high mobility and ability levels. 
  • Please note: in an effort to save educators time, we will not be enforcing the completion of skills assessment tests this season. However, should you wish to complete these tests (about 5 min per student) you are more than welcome to send them in to verify your team ranking.
  • Should you have any questions about the ranking or hesitation about where your team(s) may fall, please contact us!

Rules have been updated for this season and can be found at the links below. 
Please read and understand the rules of play prior to bringing your team to a qualifying tournament. 

Unified rules for each sport can be found on the sport pages.